Good luck to all of the CrossFit St. Croix athletes competing at the Festivus Games today! Give it everything you have and have FUN!

Snatch: 2x3x70%, 3x2x75%
Clean & Jerk: 2x3x70% 3x2x75%
Jerk from Rack: 4x3x70%
Snatch Balance: 3×3, increasing
OHS: 5x3x70% of snatch

WOD (11:30 AM)
“Cement Mixer”
7 rounds, every 3 minutes complete:
400m Run
12 TTB

Extra Credit/Comp:
6x800m, 3 min rest
Each 800 should be broken into 4×200 with varying speeds
First 200m just slower than 1 Mile pace
Second 200 at 1 Mile pace
Third 200 at just faster than 1 Mile pace
Second 200 at 1 mile pace

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