I like fat, but not that much…reflection of one week on a Keto diet

We are currently doing a three week nutrition challenge at CrossFit St. Croix and I decided to take the opportunity to try the ketogenic diet. After one week I shared my initial reflection with our group of participants and I  received some good feedback and questions so I wanted share it with you guys as well. First, let me say that I do not feel that the ketogenic diet is for me, but it does not mean it is a “bad” diet. The reasons that I say it is not for me are: 1) I do not have a condition (seizures, cancer, etc.) that keto can impact, 2) I do not need to lose body fat to improve body composition, 3) I do not care to focus on improved performance from ketone energy and 4) I do not enjoy eating a super low-carb/high-fat diet. With this being said, from my (very) limited experience the ketogenic diet is a very effective diet for improving body composition through loss of body fat. And if any of the first three reasons applied to me, you can guarantee that #4 would not stop me from eating a ketogenic diet.
I started my ketogenic diet with a goal of eating 3,000 calories per day (my BMR (Basmal Metabolic Rate) is 2,200 calories) and a macronutrient breakdown of 70% fat (233g), 25% protein (186g) and 5% carbs (38g). In just one week (seven days) of being very close to my daily goals every day I lost 3.3 pounds. I started at 5.7% body fat and based on the numbers it means I am now at 4.1% body fat. So looking at the numbers, I ate 3,000 calories per day and in just seven days I lost 3.3 pounds. That means I lost almost a half a pound every day and I was eating 800 calories above my BMR!  
So when we tell you to eat more, please trust us! I know it is scary, but your body needs energy to function and you get that energy from calories.  
My goal when we started was to gain weight and I thought 3,000 calories would do it, but I was wrong so now I am increasing my goal to 3,200 calories per day. I will check again in one week and make more adjustments if I need to. The beauty of tracking everything you eat and your exercise is that you can measure your progress and adjust as necessary with confidence that it will make improvements!

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