If you can use Google, then you probably already know something about CrossFit and you’re probably here because you’re thinking about joining a box and you want to know more. There are the things that everybody knows: that CrossFit gets you in the best shape of your life, it is focused on the idea of functional fitness, and a combination of Olympic weightlifting, cardio, and gymnastics movements. You’ve probably seen that CrossFitters take their shirts off. A lot…

You may have seen the hatemail and the nasty reviews about how CrossFit will get you injured, or that it is not for anyone out of their thirties who is not already in amazing shape, but don’t believe that stuff.

CrossFit is more willing to accept members in their fifties and up and to push them to achieve their physical goals than any other form of organized fitness out there. You’re older, but you’re not dead and CrossFit gets that.  The myths about getting injured are easily disproven by Googling CrossFit Masters and seeing the athletes who are fifty to seventy. If they can do it, you can too. CrossFit St. Croix has the pride of having one of these Masters athletes as a member of our affiliate. It is a little embarrassing for us thirty something’s getting beat by him…

So you know all that, and you can find it by looking online, but then there are all of the things that you can’t know until you walk in the doors of CrossFit St. Croix. I could tell you about the coaches weightlifting credentials, that they can snatch 200+ pounds, run marathons, and win CrossFit competitions. Or that athletes come from numerous surrounding affiliates to have Lucas help them with their Olympic lifts because he is that good, and sure that’s all important, but it’s not what makes CrossFit St Croix. The thing that makes this the best CrossFit box around is a commitment that goes beyond getting people in shape, it’s a commitment to making people better at life.

Yup, it’s a bold statement, but it’s actually one that CrossFit as a whole is built around, and that’s the next thing you probably don’t know.  CrossFit isn’t just about lifting, running or looking good topless. It’s about community, which can be a hard thing to find these days. Most CrossFit gyms will raise money for charity with special workouts every year. They raise money to build schools in Africa, support wounded veterans, and help their communities. Try finding that at Snap fitness.

My wife and I have been with three boxes since starting CrossFit, and when you find great coaches, there is an ethic that they spread from the top down to their members. When you join CrossFit, you’re not just a body taking up space and paying for a membership that the owners don’t really care if you do or don’t use. You’re an athlete and you matter. Your presence will be expected regularly, and yes, people will be letting you know if you don’t show up. Also unlike most gyms, people will cheer for you. It doesn’t matter if your out of shape or have never worked out, or if you’re a college level athlete. You will be coached to push yourself to achieve things you never would have thought you could, and you’ll find out how it feels to have a community behind you, and coaches guiding you to be better than yesterday. That’s where CrossFit St Croix really excels.

What really matters, the reason you should join this gym, and that you just can’t know until you walk through the door, is that every coach from the minute you start will be building an understanding of you that you’ll never find at a conventional gym.  They learn exactly where your strengths are, and sure your weaknesses too (we’ve all got them). You’ll never leave after a workout feeling broken down, because when you feel at your worst they’ll find something that you excel at and never let you forget that what you can’t do matters way less than what you can. But you’ll never know unless you start just what it is like to know that you can do more, be more, be better than yesterday.

Jon Wright