The 5 W’s of CrossFit St.Croix

By: Jimmy Amgelo

WHO: Who am I? Being involved with sports throughout my college career I have been exposed to several coaching styles and many different training techniques. In the last decade I have had the opportunity to train with: top tier athletes who played for championship teams in the NFL, certified trainers in health and nutrition, and all around general enthusiasts of the health/training industry. With some of my own research and experience and assistance from the above coaching staff I have been educated on a wide range of training methodologies. With that being said I have a good understanding of what it takes to create successful program and what will fall at the wayside.

WHAT: What is CrossFit St.Croix (CFSC) to me? CFSC has athletes at all different levels giving me the opportunity to not only compete in a fun environment, but also able to learn new technique. CFSC has a coaching staff that is very knowledgeable in areas of form, technique, and nutrition. From my experience thus far they have done extremely well giving every athlete the attention they need to ask questions, critique form, and simply listen to what is needed per the individual’s request. Finally, CFSC does an exceptional job with keeping people safe and injury free. They are very pro-active with encouraging mobility and stability to keep your body loose and giving it the recovery it needs. They have a doctor from the local sports rehabilitation center come in once a month to educate us on new drills to incorporate on recovery days.

WHERE: Location, location, location… Choosing to live in rural Wisconsin is not ideal to be part of a Crossfit community. With having CFSC in Hudson, WI it makes it possible to invest more time at the gym rather than investing that time getting to the gym.

WHEN: When is a good time to Crossfit? Working in a demanding industry that doesn’t always have the same schedule makes it tough to plan your workout. CFSC has several, hour long, classes scheduled throughout the day making it very easy and accommodating to not have to miss a workout due to life’s demands.

WHY: Why Crossfit St.Croix? The simple answer is why not. If you’re like me and put extensive research in joining the Crossfit community you shouldn’t be asking why? You should be asking HOW? How do you join CFSC? It is as simple as sending an email to the coaching staff requesting information.