Let my fridge help yours!

For this blog post I thought it would be both fun and helpful to showcase my weekly refrigerator staples so you can get an idea of my go-to perishable items and maybe gather a few ideas for weekly meal-planning!

It is important to remember that I have no children and only meal plan for my husband and I, so my fridge may look different than yours! The bulk of my grocery shopping comes from Trader Joe’s, although I do stop by other grocery stores or even Target to pick up last-minute essentials.

Here we go, let’s start from top to bottom!

Top fridge

On my top shelf are some of my main weekly staples: I love blending plain Kefir into my smoothies, since it contains 12 different active bacteria cultures to support my gut health. I also use unsweetened coconut milk in my smoothies because I love the flavor! I encourage everyone to acquire a taste for unflavored, plain dairy products (i.e. yogurt & Kefir) as they are hidden with so much added sugar! Trust me, once you get used to it you’ll love it! Organic dairy milk is for my husband, who adores milk and will never live without it. I on the other-hand do not tolerate dairy milk well, but use the organic heavy cream shown for my coffee each morning to make it taste wonderful!

Middle fridge

The shelf below usually holds leftovers or recipes I make for the week to have on hand. You can see sauerkraut in there used for brats the day before; sauerkraut is another gut-friendly food that makes a great topper for burgers, brats, casseroles, eggs, etc. and packs an extra  nutritional punch! I am not a big bread fan, but my husband and I will use gluten-free bread as a quick meal on the go with grass-fed butter and peanut butter. Avocado and sliced hard-boiled eggs also make a great meal combo! Organic sour cream is typically in our fridge as a garnish on top of tacos, chili, or even casseroles. Inside the blue container are protein fruit/nut bars I made as a quick pre-workout snack to have on hand for the week, courtesy of this recipe.

Another terrific quick meal or go-to snack of mine is hard-boiled eggs. You can see 2 cartons of eggs there, one hard-boiled and the other fresh. We love salsa and guacamole in this house as a quick snack to dip with veggies or corn tortilla chips. Trader Joe’s organic Tuscan kale is my go-to dark, leafy greens for salads and smoothies; I ALWAYS have some type of dark, leafy greens in my fridge at all times.

bottom fridge

This is my meat/cheese drawer, where you will always find a few different types of cheese for salads or cooking, deli meat for quick snacking, and BACON. Yes, bacon. Mostly for the cooking fat, but I do make it on weekends for a yummy breakfast throughout the week or to use in my recipes. I love Trader Joe’s white corn tortillas because they only contain 3 ingredients- stone ground white corn, water, and lime. It doesn’t get more natural than that! Try them around eggs in the morning or as a carrier for your favorite taco meat!

whole fridge

I could not for the life of me get a good picture of my bottom two drawers, but believe me when I say they are almost always filled with produce. I almost always have a piece of meat in the fridge defrosting from the night before, waiting to be cooked, baked, or grilled. Here is my typical go-to list of produce and how I use them: peppers, carrots & celery (snacking, cooking dinner), tomatoes (lunch), lemons (for water or to mix with avocados), apples (my favorite snack w/ PB), onions & potatoes of some-kind (cooking), broccoli or Brussels sprouts (hubby’s favorite dinner sides). I buy a lot of frozen produce because of the longer shelf life and quick fix dishes, but that may be for another blog post :).

What’s in your fridge? What are your healthy fridge staples? Thanks for reading!


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