Yoga at CrossFit St. Croix

We are excited to announce that starting on May 4th CrossFit St. Croix will offer yoga classes led by Joe Lancaster!  Joe is excited to bring the benefits of yoga to CFSC and help people unlock their potential through greater awareness of how to move their bodies. He has been practicing yoga for almost a decade, earned his yoga teaching certificate through a 200-hour intensive teacher training in 2015 and has been teaching ever since. He also holds Level 1 CrossFit Trainer, and CrossFit Mobility Trainer certificates. Joe loves how yoga and CrossFit-style fitness programming complement each other to provide a very complete fitness regimen.

We will initially offer two classes per week. The first session on May 4th is free and we will be adding a yoga punch card for purchase soon.


Thursday evenings from 6:00 – 7:00 PM.

Sunday mornings from 9:30 – 10:15 AM.



Here is a description of the classes from Joe:

The style of yoga I will be providing is commonly referred to as vinyasa, (defined as flowing between poses in sequence).

Our 75-min class (Sunday) will start with slow simple movements to warm the body, get blood flowing, and joints lubricated. We then add poses to create a flow sequence. When we have created our flow, taking time to learn some of the aspects of each pose along the way, we then increase the pace of moving through the sequence. The entire time we are flowing, we are continuously drawing our attention inward; focusing on our breathing; moving with intention; strengthening the connections between the brain and muscles; activating muscles, letting go of others; working on balance and proper movement. We wind down the practice by settling into some yin poses, allowing gravity to further the stretch of thoroughly warmed up muscles. Ending the practice in savasana, to absorb the experience.

Our mid-week 1-hr class (Thursday) is more restorative. Slower movement, with more focus on releasing tightness and easing strained muscles and ligaments; especially the chronically tight areas of hips and shoulders.

Every class is structured to accommodate beginners and experienced individuals alike.

You will experience discomfort in each class. You will experience doubt about what you are capable of doing. However, you will learn to get comfortable in the discomfort and find you are capable of more than you think. You will strengthen areas of your body that you may tend to skim over when pushing yourself through a typical workout. This all will transfer into your CrossFit experiences, as well as other areas of your life.

As one of my current students puts it, “I use yoga to reset myself for the week.”

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